World of Bones (Mundo de Huesos) Art Exhibition at Sol Collective

World of Bones (Mundo de Huesos)

“At the beginning, my search for imagery induced me to look into my roots. This exploration of my past, allowed me to respond important questions to establish my identity and what I want to express through my art. It guided me to the direction I have chosen for my artwork. The skeletal characters were born as an homage to Mexican culture, and Mexican printmakers. Nevertheless, I decided to go beyond the initial representations, and develop my own imagery responding to my needs to glance at the past, the present, the future, and into my dreams.” Lurac

World of Bones

World of Bones flyer

World of Bones (Mundo de Huesos), is an art exhibition by Luis R. Campos-Garcia (Lurac), a visual artist and graphics designer currently living in Sacramento, California.  World of Bones, is made of paintings, drawings, prints, and mixed media on paper, canvas, and board. The smallest artworks in the show are 14 1/2 x 10 1/2 inches paintings , and the biggest one is a 48 x 96 inches painting. The use of bright saturated colors in most of the artworks help to bring life to the skeletal characters. Also, the colors are combined in such a way that creates a fascinating visual texture, yet some of the works go beyond and include actual texture as the result of the accumulation of several layers of paint. Many of the characters show the use of curvilinear shapes that in combination with the saturated colors, create playful skeletal figures that invite the viewer to contemplate them.

Skeleton (The Summit)

Skeleton (The Summit)
Acrylic on paper

World of Bones is a world inhabited by skeletal figures and other fantastic creatures; it is inspired by dreams, Mexican culture, and everyday life. Other influences to this series are ancient Mesoamerican cultures, street art, and globalization. Some times, the current artworks show a close resemblance to the real world.
The anthropomorphic figures are a metaphor of humankind, and the other creatures represent our dreams and fears. I chose to use fleshless creatures as a way of saying that it does not matter if your skin color is one or another, all of us are the same inside. Also, the use of saturated bright colors is an allegory of life and beauty.
The skeletal figures are immersed in a continuous struggle to survive. It is an ongoing battle between life and death, in a world where hegemonic powers alienate those who choose to be different. The other beings, the always expendable ones that choose not to be on the train of false progress that takes us to nowhere.
This series is about dreams and imagination, yet it is a social commentary on the current state of the Earth.

Skeleton & Quetzalcóatl III

Skeleton & Quetzalcóatl III
Acrylic on board


Acrylic on paper

The Machine (Skull Tank)

The Machine (Skull Tank)
Mixed media (acrylic paint, image transfer printing, and marker on paper)

World of Bones is on display from January 31 to February 28, 2014,
at Sol Collective Arts and Cultural Center
2574 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95818
Gallery hours:
Tuesday – Saturday
noon – 6 pm.

The closing reception:
Friday, February 28
6–9 pm.
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More information about the artist:
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