While I don’t really care about the strange celebrations every calendar year where people surround themselves with other drunk people screaming numbers at a falling disco ball, it always serves as a good excuse to better one’s self (even if only for the first two weeks of the new year). Here are some of my suggestions for you art folks out there:

  • Buy a new sketchbook. Yes. Another one. Write “May 2015 never end. May 2015 never die. I am immortal.” on the cover so that you don’t forget how sacred this sketchbook is, out of your other twenty miscellaneous other ones. The new-ness of this sketchbook may inspire you. At the least, you will have a new book with horrifyingly blank pages inside. Cheers to the new years!
  • Tape pencils, pens, brushes, and other art-making utensils to your walls as a strange, but consistent reminder.
  • Put properly sealed paint containers randomly in your cupboards. Never forget to season your meals with creativity.
  • Schedule daily recurring reminders to make art into your phone or other digital devices. Label them as “#TreatYoSelf #ToCreativity” to reframe the heavy task of DOING to the joyous activity of HAVING FUN.
  • Put those embarrassing tidbits of private information about your friends to use by blackmailing them into art-making once a day or at the least once a month with you.
  • If you are a digital artist, put the icon to your preferred program in the middle of your desktop. Replace the icon with this full-size image (from blog.uncommongoods.com):
  • If you are a sculptural artist, create the form of a decapitated horse head and put it in your bed at night so that you wake up inspired and terrified.

Now remember, these are just suggestions. But I trust that you creative folks out there will be inspired to create your own art resolutions for the new year, the new minute, potentially the next new second. Go, now! Run wild through the streets with creative abandon (not to be confused with swinging knives in public) and have a creative happy new year.


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