ArtC… ArtCommunity… ArtCreativity… ArtCollaboration… ArtCollective… ArtC…


ArtC began in 2013 as a project to build community among local Sacramento artists, promote collaborative efforts and exhibitions, and motivate ourselves to continue the creative practice of art-making.

ArtC Mission

To bring together Sacramento artists that are passionate about issues within their communities and desire collaborative creative efforts that will help push them to continue making art.

ArtC Goals

To help each other:

  1. Stay motivated and connected. We will try to have multiple events every month to promote creativity and continued art practice. Stay updated on our Facebook fan page
  2. Stay informed. We will try to highlight different art techniques/practices/resources, artists who are/were important to art history, current social issues and past shoved-aside histories, contemporary artists, and local artists. These highlights will mostly be posted here on our WordPress blog.
  3. Think critically about our art so that we may develop it further and not lose the practice of art-making. We will try to have constructive critiques in person and online (online critiques via the Facebook group. Please be respectful when making critiques. For example, if a person makes a work that seems to promote white supremacy, maybe try saying something like, “To me this work seems to promote values of white supremacy because [this, this, and this], which I find offensive and without positive purpose. What were your thought processes behind these visual motifs?” You will be removed from the group if you are deemed a privileged, entitled jackass that refuses to try to see where other people are coming from while expecting them to see where you are coming from.
  4. Find spaces to exhibit our work and apply to grants to fund the work. The art world is cut-throat sometimes, but that just means we have to work harder together.
  5. Improve communities, from making art that brings attention to issues within the communities to providing services to the communities, such as art lessons and murals.

Sac ArtC’s core member bio’s:

Ale Calderón B. Fuentes

Alfredo Rodriguez Medrano

Cat Hellxia

Luis Magaña

Luis R. Campos­-García (Lurac)

Melissa Shaw

Wolf Moon


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