Cat Hellxia

Cat Hellxia graduated from Sacramento State University in December of 2012 with a B.A. in Studio Art, concentrating in Painting and Drawing.  She uses multiple mediums, but favors pens, markers, and digital art. Her main series include Generalizasian, Frustrasian, and God Girl. She went from realizing her internalized racism, which plummeted her into an anger-ridden depression (great for artistic inspiration), to questioning what it meant for her to be a Chinese Canadian American woman living in America, to not giving a damn about what it meant because it’s just what she IS. Hellxia is currently developing the mythology surrounding God Girl, a disembodied immortal Chinese girl god who represents empowerment, apathy, judgment, and justice. She observes our mortal realm and interacts with her other self, Skeleton Space Man, who might be psychotic and very dangerous (but who can really say). Together like older siblings they influence Sleep Walker, the spirit of a comatose Asian American boy who can possess mortal shells.

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